Think Global. Act Local. Episode 2

Think Global. Act Local.

In recent months, we have been crafting a short video series, Think Global. Act Local., which casts a spotlight on community leaders with big ideas and even bigger local impact. These organizations embody the qualities and characteristics that resonate deeply with us at Royal Carting Service Co.

In this second installment featuring Giovanni Palladino, Director of Architecture at the Kirchhoff Companies, we explore the innovative and forward-thinking approach that redefined the concept of community living through their Poughkeepsie development, Eastdale Village.

Listen as Palladino explains how drawing on the past influenced the strategy, design, and marketability of Eastdale Villageโ€™s residents, businesses, and the greater community. From championing real estate ownership for small, independent businesses to creating rituals that draw the people in, the Kirchhoff Companies and Eastdale Village are transforming how the Hudson Valley and beyond think about community living.

By showcasing local leaders like the Kirchhoff Companies, Community Services Programs, Inc., and more, we celebrate their monumental achievements and the profound impact that visionary thinking can have on our local community.

Episode 2: Community Innovation

Kirchhoff Companies/ Eastdale Village


Presented by: Royal Carting Service Company
Produced by: Tipsy Social
Director of Photography: Joe Vaccaro
Post-Production: Tipsy Social
Featuring: Giovanni Palladino, Kirchhoff Companies