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Welsh Organics Farm Waste and Manure Removal

Agriculture has unique waste removal needs. Here in the Hudson Valley, where livestock is prevalent, it’s important to consider how to remove farm waste and manure. It’s not only an aesthetic issue but also one that addresses several health and safety concerns. At Royal Carting we understand the importance of removing compostable manure and bedding. Learn more about this vital, convenient service.

How our Farm Waste and Manure Removal Services Work

Manure removal is not an easy job. Especially in winter, it’s a grueling task. Of course, the benefits of aged, processed manure are invaluable. We offer a robust compostable program for manure that eliminates the intensity of the work, is usually more cost-effective, and benefits properties throughout the Hudson Valley, even your own!

We make every aspect of removal easier, resulting in farm waste that is manageable and maximized.

First, select the size container you need and choose the best pick-up schedule. We’ll help you based on acreage, use, and the types of animals. We offer weekly, monthly, yearly, or on-call farm waste and manure removal. Often, we can be there as soon as the next day!

Next, deposit waste in the provided container, which is picked up according to the schedule that best suits you. We transport the manure to facilities that compost and age it, creating nutrient-rich soil that’s used throughout the Hudson Valley.

Don’t need this service regularly? That’s fine, we also provide containers and pick-up for one-time waste removal.

The Benefits of Welsh Organics Manure Removal Services

There are several benefits our customers have discovered by using us for their farm waste and manure removal.

Farm Waste Removal with Welsh Organics is Economical

Time is money and this service saves both! No more spreading at all hours and during winters that make manure maintenance even more difficult. That saves time and energy.

In most cases, manure removal with Welsh Organics is more cost efficient than owning and maintaining your own equipment (particularly when winters are harsh).

A Safer, Healthier Farm

Fresh manure breeds flies and dangerous parasites, a risk to humans and animals living and working on the farm. But that’s not the only safety issue. Medications taken by livestock end up in manure and possibly water runoff. Fresh manure can contaminate pastures and grazing land. Farms should compost and age manure before using it on land.

Contact Welsh Organics for Farm Waste and Manure Management

Let us help you develop your manure management into a convenient, economical, and environmentally-friendly system that requires less time, energy, and money.

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