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Commercial Waste Services

No matter the size of your business, getting rid of waste is an important part of your business. Many business owners don’t realize just how much waste they’ll produce. Sure, there are the obvious needs, like trash pickup, but there are other forms of commercial waste to consider. Royal Carting, a trusted Hudson Valley neighbor, handles everything related to the refuse and recycling that comes with running your business. Our services cover all of your business needs.

What commercial waste services do most businesses need?

Our full array of services covers everything you need:

Business Waste Solutions

Retail, hospitality and other commercial properties generate more waste than residential properties. We meet your business’s needs.

Municipal Waste Solutions

Cities, towns and other municipalities in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Ulster counties trust us with their commercial waste needs including dumpsters and large roll-off dumpsters.

Construction Waste Solutions

Our large-capacity roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of construction and renovation projects without interruption.

Food Waste Composting

Restaurants, markets and agriculture businesses require special services regarding food scraps. Royal Carting can provide these.

File Destruction

From employee files to tax paperwork, don’t just throw your paperwork in the trash. Learn about file destruction services and the confidentiality it guarantees.

Dumpster Rentals

Commercial and roll-away dumpsters are far more efficient than multiple garbage and recycling bins.

Compacting Systems

We customize and install safe, mess-free solutions for compacting.
An important note on food waste composting

On January 1, 2022, the The New York State Food Scraps Recycling law went into effect. Any business generating a minimum of two tons of food waste per week must now donate or compost this organic matter. The law, passed in 2019, limits the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from food waste.

Royal Carting has a commercial food waste solution to help Hudson Valley businesses comply. Let us pick up your food scraps, waste from produce, meal leftovers, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread, and grains. These items are composted and used as topsoil and fertilizer throughout the Hudson Valley as topsoil and fertilizer.

Commercial Trash Compactor

Royal Carting Compactor Systems

Royal Carting Service Co. offers compactor systems for every need. All compactors are safety locked, key-controlled, leakproof, and can be customized to meet your specific compactor needs.


From 4-to-6 cubic yard capacity, ideal for small restaurants and fast-food chains.


From 16-to-35 cubic yard capacity, ideal for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and apartment complexes.


From 40-to-50 cubic yard capacity, ideal for industrial and commercial businesses.

Is your information safe?

Employee files with social security numbers and birth dates, tax paperwork, internal memos with sensitive information… don’t throw these in the trash or recycling bin! Employees and business contacts expect that you treat their sensitive information with care and keep it confidential. That’s why file destruction is an essential part of commercial waste management and it starts early!

We recommend keeping all paperwork with confidential information in a locked filing cabinet, and don’t leave the keys in it! Once a file is no longer needed, move it to a locked container. We provide these as part of our file destruction service. As containers fill, Royal Carting transports the container and files to the Dutchess County Waste to Energy Facility where they’re immediately incinerated. A certificate of destruction is provided for your records.

Trust us with your business

We understand the importance of a commercial waste management plan and our services provide everything you need.  

Waste Management Guidelines

Remember, do not…

  • fill your dumpster above water level
  • place items infront of, on top of, or next to your dumpster
  • place any bulk items in the dumpster
  • place ashes in the dumpster
  • place ewaste in the dumpster
  • place construction and demolition debris in the dumpster
  • place liquids, chemicals, hazardous materials, batteries, anything containing batteries in the dumpster
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