Quarterly Newsletter: Issue 1 – Q4 2022

Photo of Royal Carting Split Body Waste Management Trucks

It’s that time of the year when you have to decide whether or not wrapping paper is recyclable.

As gift-giving holidays are just around the corner, there will be mountains of wrapping paper to get rid of. Did you know some wrapping paper is

Any wrapping paper that is made out of only paper can be recycled. Wrapping paper with glitter, metallic flakes, or a plastic coating can not be recycled since they have paper additives. If the tube does not have a recycle symbol, a way to test if the wrapping paper is recyclable is the scrunch test. The scrunch test is very simple, just scrunch some wrapping paper into a ball, and if it stays it is recyclable! If it does not stay and returns to a flat sheet it is not recyclable.

Once you have determined that your wrapping paper is recyclable, the rest of the process is pretty easy. Remove any ribbons, bows, and gift tags from the paper and it is ready to be recycled!

Royal Carting & Welsh Sanitation use split-body trucks for dual-stream pick-ups!

These trucks are state-of-the-art waste collection vehicles that allow garbage and recycling to be stored in the same truck. Inside the truck is a hopper that the driver can close in either direction to divert the collected materials to the appropriate side, allowing for dual-stream refuse collection. This method is also more environmentally friendly as it reduces the carbon footprint emitted from our vehicles by removing the need for a second truck.

Be on the lookout for our split-body trucks in your area!

A look back on Fall 2022!

In October, we recognized five local organizations and donated $500 each week to their specific cause, most of which focused specifically on Breast Cancer Awareness. We worked to share their mission and raise funds via our website and social media.

In celebration of Halloween, we participated in Trunk or Treats! Pictured below, Royal driver, Rob, participated in the Fostertown School Trunk or Treat with a toter decorated by the school.